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New Webpage in Progress




As you see, we haven’t been updating our blog/homepage in a while. We are working to design a new homepage that both will be more user friendly and will enable us to showcase our music and videos in a better way. Stay tuned!

Oh, and don’t forget were still active on facebook and soundcloud.

New Remix + Demotape success


Although we are working like mad on tracks for our debut-EP, one needs some therapeutic relief sometimes. So we made a remix of FCL’s (San Soda & Red D) club hit “Let’s Go”. While keeping it simple, it’s got some interesting funky synergy and progressive energy which will fit in a club setting.

In other news, we got to the finals in the demotape-contest we entered. Thanks to everybody who voted! So on the 12th of January we’ll be playing in the final at Parkteateret, Oslo. Before this, there will be another online vote between the five finalists. You can check them all out and vote here.

Edit: As a result of getting to the finals, we were featured in Firda, and in the paper editions of Fjordabladet and BA. As well, thumbs up to the fine people behind Malakoff Rock Festival which gave us some promo on their facebook page!

When You Touch Me


We already posted this one on our soundcloud profile two weeks ago, but we had the stark realization that you blog-o-maniacs out there might have missed it. The story behind this tune goes like this; One of the members of our little band had such an bad experience after a wet night on the town, that he was feeling the urge to write a song about it. The result is “When You Touch Me”, a funky snack pack that blends hip-hop, disco and pop music into a tasty tropical smoothie. As for the happy ending; hey, Obama won…

Epic Party: b0ka @ Fantoft

Somebody said “party of the year”, and it wasn’t far from the truth. With close to 300 people packed together in the dancefloor, and more in line outside that didn’t get in, the energy was amazing. But why believe us? Look at the pictures!

Close friend and talented musician, Jakob Eri Myhre (to the left) flew in from Oslo to join the b0ka-crew for this concert.

Photos – b0ka @ Revolver, Oslo

b0ka performing at Revolver, Oslo – 08.06.12

As a warm-up for the anticipated gig at Sommerøya, b0ka performed for the first time in Oslo at a club called Revolver, playing right after the feel-good pop group You And Me Alfred who delivered a tight set of high quality music akin to Jackson 5.
The crowd responded by doing hip hop chants and dancing hardcore to b0ka’s delight, making their debut concert in Norway’s capitol one to remember. Their next gig is not too far away, and if you get your ticket to Sommerøya, you’ll also get a chance to see the dance legend Felix Da Housecat! Thanks to Tormod Sira for capturing the event.

b0ka LIVE! @ Fantoft + Ray Reagan presents b0ka Radio!

b0ka Night @ Klubb Fantoft

b0ka LIVE! is back, this friday (21.10.11) at Klubb Fantoft, Bergen. b0ka LIVE! will bring you b0ka music from artists such as The Famous Biting Guy, Etoh, Edit, Jesse, Etoh, Blakman Boo and many more, all performed using computers, vocals, guitar, bass, saxophone, trombone, talkbox, vocoder and lots of synthesizers! As if this is not enough to please our Pink Donkey, there’s going to be a projector showing some amazing b0kart, as well as b0ka DJs ensuring all night dancing!

Facebook event can be found here.


But there is more! That very same day b0ka’s own DJ, jet-setter, journalist and radio host Ray Reagan will be on the air with his brand new show; b0ka Radio. The program will air on Bergen’s Student Radio at 22.00, but will also be posted here by b0ka HQ as a podcast. Ray Reagan has been quite secretive as to the show’s contents, but could reveal that he will be talking to his long time pal Klaus Skrudland of Elektrofant, play music from the unreleased Elektrofant album 1992, as well as a couple of Ray’s own favorite mid-tempo house tracks. A pretty good substitute if you can’t make it to Fantoft that night.

b0kaløv!!! is here!

In an attempt to radically simplify your daily life, we changed into! This doesn’t mean that we gave up recording stuff, just that the new name is shorter and hopefully easier to remember. This should help Prince Fajitas and you other forgetful b0kaists to access your favorite site.

b0ka happenings & hasbeens:

########## 2013 ##########
:: 21 Dec - Nordfjordeid / Straum
:: 14 Dec - Oslo / Dattera
:: 13 Dec - Bergen / Østre
:: 30 Nov - Oslo / Verkstedet
:: 15 Nov - Oslo / Jaeger
:: 23 Oct - Tromsø / Insomnia
:: 29 Aug - Bergen / Elefanten
:: 18 Jul - Nordfjordeid / Malakoff
:: 27 Apr - Bergen / Kvarteret/SoS
:: 27 Mar - Øystese / Påskelarm
:: 23 Feb - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 21 Feb - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 02 Feb - Bergen / Østre - N&D
:: 19 Jan - Oslo / Jakob Kirke
:: 12 Jan - Oslo / Parkteateret
:: 11 Jan - Bergen / Hulen

########## 2012 ##########
:: 27 Dec - Nordfjordeid / Straum
:: 21 Dec - Bergen / BAS
:: 16 Nov - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 02 Nov - Bergen / Fantoft
:: 05 Oct - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 08 Jun - Oslo / Revolver
:: 04 Mai - Bergen / Hulen

########## 2011 ##########
:: 21 Oct - Bergen / Fantoft
:: 08 Oct - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 16 Sep - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 04 Jun - Bergen / Cafe Opera
:: 12 May - Bergen / Landmark
:: 11 Mar - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 05 Mar - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 17 Feb - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 29 Jan - Bergen / Electric Cafe
:: 14 Jan - Bergen / Kosmo


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