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Video for Level Up (Paper Work vol. 1)

First video in a series of thirteen accompanying The Famous Biting Guy’s sample based album “Paper Work vol.1″ is out! Fittingly enough, the visuals consists of work we have done playing around with paper – or to be more precise; b0kart. This one is the energetic little snack called “Level Up”, enjoy!

New Track… Techno Color!

b0kart by E. Lundgaard

In the b0ka roster of producers, there is a man who seems to take his tracks to the extreme, whos use of contrasts and controled chaos reveals a strangely beautiful universe of sounds. We are of course talking about Edit, who recently sent b0ka HQ a schizoid instrumental techno demo called Techno Color, with saxophone by Tenor Nudler. He could also reveal he plans to lay down some vocals on the album version, but was reluctant to give more details. Check it out below:

b0kArt – photo

Now the time has come! For a long time now, many b0kaists have been working with photography. We are now starting a series where members of b0ka will show some of their work. First photographer out is aeaoea:

You probably know aeaoea best as a producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been working mainly with Jesse. aeaoea was born on the west coast of Norway, and took an early interest both in music and art. Lately, music has taken up most of his time, but he has been able to dig out some old photographs from his photo-years. aeaoea about his first photo-series:

“Well, I’m first and foremost a producer and musician. But visual art, both photography and drawing, has always been a part of me. The five photos I’m showing you are all a result of a photo-shoot I did in Svalbard in 2000. The one “model” I had, resulted in many fine photos. I feel that my Norwegian heritage is being portrayed in this conglomerate of light, darkness, openness and solitude, and I hope all b0kaists and b0ka-fans out there will feel the same mood of ice and fire that I had in my soul the day these photos were taken.”


Happy New Year from b0ka HQ!

2011 is coming to an end, leading us into the myth-inducing year of Donkey Tails; 2012! It’s been a b0kayear extraordinaire, with radio shows and b0ka Live! and remixes and b0kaløv. Why not celebrate with a suitable parting gift; a b0ka Live recording from Tegleverket, Bergen of the romantic disco tune Langt Herfrå.

Happy New Year and Pink Donkey Blessings from us at b0ka HQ!

b0kArt vol. 03

b0ka Live @ Landmark + Jesse & Etoh preview

Yes, it’s true. b0ka HQ got the word today and we are just as surprised as the b0ka Live boys are by the extremely short notice. b0ka Live is, as you might already know, b0ka Recordings’ own strictly b0ka cover band; five guys who decided they were tired of never getting to hear their favorite music live. They usually perform with computers, synths, a vocoder, talkbox, tambourine, guitar, bass, saxophone and trombone in addition to vocals, and their live show often comes with a projected video of b0kart.

It will take place this thursday (12.05.11) at Landmark in Bergen, alongside Admir and Velferd who will DJ before and after the concert.


It’s no secret that when Jesse hooks up with the right producer the result is magic. Not long ago Edit gave us a track called See Jesse that ought to blow any b0ka mind. This time Etoh hooked up with Jesse and produced a romantic disco tune. A song for both mating and dancing!

See Jesse!

And here he is:

Edit and Jesse join forces, Jesse (“from the street”) on the mic and Edit “on the beat”, as the song goes. We don’t yet know who Dikembe The Walruss is, or Patricia Bolores; apparently the same person. Or who wrote the lyrics for this track; they didn’t say. But we do know we love it! And the b0kart.

Exclusive interview: Owen Rodbury

Born into a middle class family in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Owen Rodbury’s future seemed safe and predictable. His father a lawyer and his mother a teacher, they both expected him to go to college and a start a family afterwards. Things didn’t exactly go as they had planned. He could not conform to the “straight zone” and middle class 80s living. Mostly because of his condition. A condition the doctors never managed to diagnose. b0ka Recordings called up Rodbury in San Jose, California, and he agreed to a interview. He also mailed over some of his art, which he wanted to share with the world.

Owen Rodbury, can you tell us a little about yourself?

“Yeah, born in Alabama, moved to Austin, Texas about 14 years later, then got down to Brownsville, into Mexico getting fucked up, Tijuana is not the place man, got up to San Fransisco, and after that I went through most of this god forsaken country, but now it’s up and down California. Don’t have any proper education you know. But I’ve managed, here and there with good friends.”

You were 14 years old the first time you moved?

“I didn’t just move man. I ran like hell. Getting so fed up with this and that and what shoes to wear. Fuck shoes dude. I was dying all the time in slow motion and ma mama’s wondering what shoes to wear? FUCK THAT. I got 14 and I was thinking “I’m almost dead, and I ain’t seen the ocean man. Mississippi ain’t that much when you’re dying. ” That was it for me. I never looked back, not forward either for that matter. I just knew something inside of me was growing. And later I found out what to do with it.”

That you were dying, is that the condition you had?

“Yeah, I got it still. Not that much, not so intense, that’s all.”

Can you tell us what the condition is about?

Look man, I’m gonna tell you and you can laugh all you want, or you can praise me and piss all over the wall. I don’t care, but this is the shit. When I was born in 1975, I already existed. His name was Ernie LeVin living down in New Orleans, I’ve looked him up and I knew him from my flashes. From birth up till I was 24 I had extremely intense flashes, like you wouldn’t believe. Flashes of people telling me stories, giving me advice, talking, singing, fucking, everything. When you’re 9 years old, sitting in school trying to learn about stuff and all you see is a fat red neck with a shotgun screaming he’s going to kill you, you get messed up. Anyway, the flashes stopped at the age 24, I found out later LeVin died the same day I stopped seeing things. But what happens? The fucker returns. So now I’m 34 years old and still skipping in out of time or whatever, man.

How do you handle the flashes, and your own life?

That’s the deal man. I draw and paint shit I see, earlier I had to deal with it somehow, understanding what it was, so I drew. But now It’s become a habit, I just do it for kicks. When I was younger I was scared, the flashes is so exhausting when I wake up, it’s first pain like being in flames, then I freeze my ass off before I fall asleep for a long time. Experiencing that as a kid, it just freaked me out. Now, I can control it more.

Have you made money on the art you see in your flashes?

Fuck no, man. I got a guy in New York City on a corner somewhere, I keep sending my pieces, and he says he doesn’t sell’em. I don’t buy that for shit, he’s ripping me off big time. That’s why I’m heading east for the summer with some of my friends, and I‘ll tell this fucker who the fuck is getting fucked up!

How has b0ka played a role in your life?

Oh man, deeply. I give the pink donkey its blessing all the time, man. Every breath. I’m so happy you guys started up a b0ka site, by the way. Now I can see other b0kaists doing their thing everyday. The music streaming from b0ka recordings and b0ka at Soundcloud is really a blessing for me out here in California. People come up to me all the time you know sayin’ stuff like “Hey man, get me that Fjompenizer release or some Etoh music.” And will say I don’t own shit and I ain’t selling none. But I really wish b0ka recordings will release something soon. My hobo friends don’t have any computers to play it from.

What is the plan further on?

Can’t say. I’m gonna have one more cup of coffee, then I’m gonna head out the door, and then it’s wherever, man.

b0kalive + b0kart + upop

The dust has settled and ears are ringing after saturday’s success at Kvarteret in Bergen where b0kartists such as Etoh, Dance Commander, The Famous Biting Guy and Edit were spinning records, followed by an amazing concert by the b0ka cover band b0kalive. We are still receiving lots of positive reports from clubbers who attended the concert, all praising The Pink Donkey for making this event possible. According to reports the place was packed full and people danced throughout the entire concert! This is truly an amazing feat to accomplish considering this was b0kalive’s first gig ever, and that the typical concert-goer is usually content with sipping a beer and just watching the stage. Hopefully there will be many more concerts just like this to come.

For those who are able to read Norwegian, the Bergen based blog upop posted a mini-interview with some of the guys behind b0ka Recordings and the concert:

b0kalive were also fortunate enough to have Dance Commander prepare a visual treat that was projected behind the band throughout the concert, consisting of selected b0kart from different b0kaists from ways back. After two days we were finally able to obtain some of the artwork showed at the concert:

b0kArt vol. 1

A small collection of b0kArt, hopefully the first in a long series. Have a nice weekend!

b0ka happenings & hasbeens:

########## 2013 ##########
:: 21 Dec - Nordfjordeid / Straum
:: 14 Dec - Oslo / Dattera
:: 13 Dec - Bergen / Østre
:: 30 Nov - Oslo / Verkstedet
:: 15 Nov - Oslo / Jaeger
:: 23 Oct - Tromsø / Insomnia
:: 29 Aug - Bergen / Elefanten
:: 18 Jul - Nordfjordeid / Malakoff
:: 27 Apr - Bergen / Kvarteret/SoS
:: 27 Mar - Øystese / Påskelarm
:: 23 Feb - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 21 Feb - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 02 Feb - Bergen / Østre - N&D
:: 19 Jan - Oslo / Jakob Kirke
:: 12 Jan - Oslo / Parkteateret
:: 11 Jan - Bergen / Hulen

########## 2012 ##########
:: 27 Dec - Nordfjordeid / Straum
:: 21 Dec - Bergen / BAS
:: 16 Nov - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 02 Nov - Bergen / Fantoft
:: 05 Oct - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 08 Jun - Oslo / Revolver
:: 04 Mai - Bergen / Hulen

########## 2011 ##########
:: 21 Oct - Bergen / Fantoft
:: 08 Oct - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 16 Sep - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 04 Jun - Bergen / Cafe Opera
:: 12 May - Bergen / Landmark
:: 11 Mar - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 05 Mar - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 17 Feb - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 29 Jan - Bergen / Electric Cafe
:: 14 Jan - Bergen / Kosmo


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