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New Remix + Demotape success


Although we are working like mad on tracks for our debut-EP, one needs some therapeutic relief sometimes. So we made a remix of FCL’s (San Soda & Red D) club hit “Let’s Go”. While keeping it simple, it’s got some interesting funky synergy and progressive energy which will fit in a club setting.

In other news, we got to the finals in the demotape-contest we entered. Thanks to everybody who voted! So on the 12th of January we’ll be playing in the final at Parkteateret, Oslo. Before this, there will be another online vote between the five finalists. You can check them all out and vote here.

Edit: As a result of getting to the finals, we were featured in Firda, and in the paper editions of Fjordabladet and BA. As well, thumbs up to the fine people behind Malakoff Rock Festival which gave us some promo on their facebook page!

b0ka in Demotape Contest

We have entered a demo contest where it’s possible to win music equipment and cash valued 100.000 NOK. We have been promoting it over facebook for a while, and thought we would give a small “heads up” here as well. Our entry, “Heartbroken City”, is a song we’ve had great response to while playing live, and this is the first time you’ll get to listen to it online.

To vote and to listen to it, go here:

1) Choose the “Gi din stemme”-button

2) Choose “Connect with facebook”, which will allow you to vote without becoming a member of the site. 

If you want to make our day special, you can go to the facebook-event and invite your friends to do the same. We appreciate all the help we get! If we are among the top 5 artists in terms of votes, we’ll go on to the final in Oslo, where a combination of jury and online votes will decide the winner. Although the number of votes is secret until Dec 01, when the voting ends, judging by the response so far, it’s looking good!

The Last b0ka Radio?

“Will Ray Reagan return?”

It’s been about six months since b0ka Radio abruptly ended, and so far for unknown reasons; Ray Reagan blamed his producer on air during this final episode, but we’ve been unable to confirm or reject anything. And, since things obviously took a bitter end, it took six months from the episode aired, to Ray finally uploading it to cyberspace for your b0katastic enjoyment. We at b0ka HQ really do hope that the show that featured guests such as Mathias Stubø and Elektrofant, continue in the future, online if not on the actual air.

The b0ka Radio host has later admited to deliberately breaking rules imposed on him by the broadcasting company, and that he took the opportunity of the falling out to give his listeners an all exclusive b0ka demo special, cutting down on advertisements. Ray sent an email to several b0ka producers, and shortly after had new material from The Famous Biting Guy, Etoh, Edit, Fjompenizer and InfinitEvol, among others at his disposal. Though Ray sounds sarcastic and crass at times, the show runs smoothly and unravels some great demo tapes. While we hope and pray to The Pink Donkey for more b0ka Radio, grab this episode to ease the wait.

b0ka @ Sommerøya!

As many might already know, b0ka returns to Oslo this saturday to play a gig during the EDM-festival Sommerøya. b0ka will play at Fabrikken at midnight, in between Mathias Stubø and Lemaitre. Other great acts include Strangefruit, DJ Friendly, Riva Starr and Torkelsen. Did we mention Felix Da Housecat?

We were also lucky enough to get our very own Dance Commander to step in with a great visualizer made entirely of b0kart! Bring your dancing shoes, glow sticks and disco attire. As a warm up, have a listen to one of the tracks the band will perform:

b0ka’s Stickers In Da House

b0ka Recordings has revealed a new edition to its roster! Previously under the guise of The Stickers, the Bergen based edit/remix-outfit has changed its name to b0ka’s Stickers. To celebrate their addition they dropped off a brand spankin’ new edit of the Stein Ingebrigtsen track Noe Til Kar. Regardless of genre, the dudes manage to crump out bomb assed traxx, and the ladies løv it.

Noe Til Kar sends you on a mid-tempo, romantic journey with elements of stormy dub and bitter sweet synthesizers. Clearly a sign of more quality tracks to come.

Photos – b0ka @ Revolver, Oslo

b0ka performing at Revolver, Oslo – 08.06.12

As a warm-up for the anticipated gig at Sommerøya, b0ka performed for the first time in Oslo at a club called Revolver, playing right after the feel-good pop group You And Me Alfred who delivered a tight set of high quality music akin to Jackson 5.
The crowd responded by doing hip hop chants and dancing hardcore to b0ka’s delight, making their debut concert in Norway’s capitol one to remember. Their next gig is not too far away, and if you get your ticket to Sommerøya, you’ll also get a chance to see the dance legend Felix Da Housecat! Thanks to Tormod Sira for capturing the event.

Last b0ka Radio on SRiB!

Ray Reagan is calling it quits and putting on the last b0ka Radio to ever air on the Bergen Student Radio. To celebrate Ray’s dedication to the b0ka spirit, b0ka producers of all shapes and sizes submitted demo tapes to air tonight, so this is a once in a blue moon opportunity to get a sneak peak at never heard before b0ka music. This is not to say that Ray’s career with b0ka Radio is coming to an absolute end – Rumor has it he plans to continue doing podcasts in the future.

If you’re in Bergen, tune in at 96.4 FM at ten pm tonight, or if you live elsewhere, go to for the online stream. Tracklists and podcasts can as usual be found here.

Fingers and toes crossed for Ray, and much, much b0kaløv.

b0ka happenings & hasbeens:

########## 2013 ##########
:: 21 Dec - Nordfjordeid / Straum
:: 14 Dec - Oslo / Dattera
:: 13 Dec - Bergen / Østre
:: 30 Nov - Oslo / Verkstedet
:: 15 Nov - Oslo / Jaeger
:: 23 Oct - Tromsø / Insomnia
:: 29 Aug - Bergen / Elefanten
:: 18 Jul - Nordfjordeid / Malakoff
:: 27 Apr - Bergen / Kvarteret/SoS
:: 27 Mar - Øystese / Påskelarm
:: 23 Feb - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 21 Feb - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 02 Feb - Bergen / Østre - N&D
:: 19 Jan - Oslo / Jakob Kirke
:: 12 Jan - Oslo / Parkteateret
:: 11 Jan - Bergen / Hulen

########## 2012 ##########
:: 27 Dec - Nordfjordeid / Straum
:: 21 Dec - Bergen / BAS
:: 16 Nov - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 02 Nov - Bergen / Fantoft
:: 05 Oct - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 08 Jun - Oslo / Revolver
:: 04 Mai - Bergen / Hulen

########## 2011 ##########
:: 21 Oct - Bergen / Fantoft
:: 08 Oct - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 16 Sep - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 04 Jun - Bergen / Cafe Opera
:: 12 May - Bergen / Landmark
:: 11 Mar - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 05 Mar - Bergen / Kvarteret
:: 17 Feb - Bergen / Kosmo
:: 29 Jan - Bergen / Electric Cafe
:: 14 Jan - Bergen / Kosmo


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